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Work with your suppliers or your retailers and sell more

Collaborate with your suppliers and retailers to sell more. Get to market faster and worry less about inventory. Our unique services and our secure and collaborative platform can help you start selling online collaboratively and effectively.

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Manage less, sell more

You only load once #YOLO

Products loaded into your online store can be shared with other stores within our platform. Share your products with your retailers or ask your suppliers to share their products with you. Get to market faster with minimal effort.

Change one, change all

Add details or make changes to your products and all other stores using your product data will change too. You can be more agile in maintaining your products and not worry about getting it perfect the first time.


Great customer experience all the time

Don’t run out of stock

Direct fulfillment to your suppliers and never run out of stock. Don’t worry about syncing with their inventory as we’ll automatically use their inventory if you designate fulfillment to them.

Always fulfill your orders

Never be in a situation where you have to refund because you or your supplier ran out of stock. With integrations to your inventory system and to your suppliers inventory, you can be sure that stock levels on your online store are always accurate.


It means no worries

Automate your ordering

We automatically create orders to your suppliers if you designate fulfillment to them. You will then have access to the tracking and the progress of your order. So you can focus on selling more rather than ordering and chasing up orders.

Protect your customer base

Your customer base is integral to your business. We ensure that sensitive customer details are removed from generated orders and disallow direct communication between your customer and your product supplier.